Police & criminal justice data record violations

Galwinder Kang , solicitor and expert in civil claims against the police was instructed by a client who was arrested coming off a ferry because the borders system showed that there was a ‘No Bail Warrant’ outstanding for his arrest issued by Birmingham Magistrates Court 12 months earlier, for failing to attend Court for a charge of drunken disorderly.  Our client said that that matter had already been dealt with.  Nevertheless, he was kept in custody and taken to the Magistrates Court.  At Court the Magistrates accepted he had been dealt with previously.  The computer system had not been updated.  My client had been arrested and kept in custody for no reason.  Galwinder Kang was instructed to pursue a claim for compensation. Enquiries were made with the Police and the Court to see who was to blame for failing to update the Police National Computer.  The Police blamed the Court and the Court blame the Police.  With neither of them willing to deal with the claim, the claim was issued at Court.  Faced with Court proceedings, the Court did a u turn and agreed to deal with our client’s claim, albeit without formally admitting liability.  Our expert solicitor Galwinder Kang managed to secure £6500 compensation for our client.

At Murria, we can help you make claims for wrongful arrests and false imprisonments against the police and other civil justice organisations. Our professional, friendly team will advise you on whether you have a valid claim against a police force, police officer or other civil justice organisation. If you are not sure whether your private information has been misused or mishandled, please contact us and we will find this out for you.

If you require assistance and advice on any Wrongful Arrest and False Imprisonment, you can contact us on Freephone 0333 800 0033.

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