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We have an experienced in-house dedicated Notary Public appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury to serve all your Notarial requirements.

A Notary Public is an internationally recognised legal officer. A Notary’s signature and seal approves specific documents or transactions which are recognised worldwide as being from a trusted legal officer. A Notary’s work involves authenticating and certifying deeds and other documents for overseas use in order to verify them to the satisfaction of persons, corporations or government organisations worldwide.

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What is a Notary Public and Do You Need One?

Whether or not a Notary Public is necessary depends on the requirements of the destination country of the document. For example, if you are in the process of purchasing property abroad, you will often need to grant your overseas lawyer power of attorney in order to deal with the purchase on your behalf. The power of attorney documentation will therefore be signed by you in the presence of a notary. The Notary Public will confirm your identity, sign the document and add their official seal. An apostille may also be required from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to confirm the signature and seal of the notary or Legalisation by the Embassy or Consulate of the relevant country.

You may need to use a Notary Public to:

  • certify a passport, exam certificates or other documents
  • buy, sell or transfer property abroad
  • swear an oath or affidavit
  • confirm your status before marrying abroad
  • verify an application for a lost passport
  • verify consent to take a minor abroad
  • authenticate documents for overseas adoptions
  • have contracts & powers of attorney authenticated

You could find yourself requiring notarial services when you are involved in business overseas or in a private matter with an international connection. Notary Public Services for individuals include overseas property transactions and overseas pensions claims to prove your identity. Notary Public Services for businesses include setting up a company overseas, opening up a foreign bank account, proving the status and powers of a company’s officers, or submitting tenders in other countries.

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