Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Whether letting or renting, long-term or short-term, residentially or commercially, disputes between Landlords and Tenants may arise at any time and for any number of reasons. At Murria, we have a team of solicitors who specialise in Landlord and Tenant Disputes, and are able to provide pragmatic advice for either party, whether the dispute is fully underway or even prior to an agreement being entered into.

We have vast experience in domestic tenancies and advising residential Landlords and Tenants on their legal rights. We can provide guidance on all aspects of Landlord and Tenancy law including issues arising with local housing authorities, evictions, disputes and defending housing disrepair claims.

We are experts in dealing with Section 8 and Section 21 Possession Claims, in a plethora of circumstances. This includes issuing or defending such claims. We have vast experience in the enforcement of Court Orders after Possession, to both gain Possession of a Property, and, if applicable, to recover rent arrears. We have dealt with all types of Tenants, from HMO disputes to City of London prime residences, so you can rest assured that we have the expertise to get you the right result.

With Section 8 matters, we offer a full service, from perusing the Tenancy documents and considering the facts, through issuing the Court Claim, and providing Advocacy in the Court Hearing. We also provide beneficial advise as to alternatives which can be sought, in an attempt to expedite Possession Proceedings on a mutually agreeable footing between Landlords and Tenants.

For Section 21 matters, we keep up-to-date with the ever-changing case and statute law constantly, in order to ensure that our Landlord clients do not fall foul of this technically complex area of the law. For our Tenant clients, we scrupulously investigate every piece of the opponent’s case for flaws, ensuring that both parties have kept to their legal obligations, and acting in our client’s best interests if they have.

We advise commercial Landlords on the recent changes to business tenancies and on forfeiture proceedings, as well as the implications for property developers of the reforms made to the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002. We also keep Landlords up-to-date on the complicated and sometimes contradictory procedure concerning S25 Notices and break clauses.

We advise Tenants on the different kinds of tenancy they should take, as well as the implications of their status and where they stand on forfeiture proceedings.

Typical matters that we deal with include:

Assured Shorthold Tenancies – most tenancies fall into this category. A tenancy will be an AST if you’re a private Landlord or association, the tenancy started on or after 15th January 1989, it is the Tenant’s main accommodation and you don’t reside in the property. We can arrange all the relevant documentation pertaining to this.

Evictions – we will advise you on all aspects of eviction law, what your eviction rights are, the legal procedures that need to be followed and precisely what steps need to be taken to ensure the process runs smoothly. We also deal with unlawful evictions and can advise Tenants on their rights and represent their best interests.

With regard to Landlord and Tenant disputes in general, our areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

  • unlawful occupation
  • possession
  • tenancy termination
  • renewal disputes
  • business tenancies
  • drafting assured shorthold tenancies
  • section 20 consultations
  • service charge disputes
  • breach of contract
  • rent arrears
  • tenancy deposits
  • evictions
  • dilapidations
  • repairs and alterations
You can speak to the specialist landlord and Tenant Solicitors at Murria based in Birmingham today on 0333 800 0033 or filling in the Contact us form.

Whatever your personal circumstances, whether it’s covered above or not, give our Landlord and Tenant Dispute team a call today and they can advise you as to your best course of action.

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    Housing Law – Gas Safety Certificates

    The case of Caridon Property Ltd v Monty Shooltz has clarified the position regarding service of Gas Safety Certificates and the validity of Section 21 Notices, with regard to Tenancies started after the commencement of the Deregulation Act 2015, in October of that year.

    Sham Agents

    We are coming across an increasing number of Letting Agents who are flagrantly flouting the law. Landlords must remember that the Agent is their Agent and they are responsible for their actions, and inactions.

    Unprotected Tenancy Deposits

    We are shocked to learn how many Landlords still do not lodge the Deposits they take from their Tenants, with a regulated Deposit Protection Scheme. Disputes arising from an unprotected Deposit can cost a Landlord thousands of pounds in compensation to their Tenants. It is against the law to take a Deposit and not protect it in an approved scheme.

    Judgment overturned without an Appeal

    We were instructed by a tenant in a commercial landlord and tenant dispute whereby the landlord (a limited company) forfeited (i.e. terminated) a lease on the grounds of alleged breach of covenant, namely the failure to pay utility bills in relation to the premises.

    Brief Guide to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme

    This business development briefing just provides an overview of the law in this area. You should talk to a lawyer for a complete understanding of how it may affect your particular circumstances. It explains what a tenancy deposit scheme (TDS) is and what a landlord’s obligations are under a TDS.