Debt Collection & Recovery

If you are owed money by someone but finding it difficult to recover the debt, this can have a hugely detrimental impact, not only on your relationships with the people who owe you the money (often close friends and family), but also on your finances. Furthermore, unpaid debts can be a cause of great stress, not to mention a serious strain on your time and resources, and the process of chasing debt can be frustrating and embarrassing.

We believe that an obstacle is not the end ; it is a new beginning and we shall deal with your case in a positive spirit.

There are many alternatives for recovering your money and we will advise you on how to utilise the wisest alternatives in terms of speed and cost-effective recovery.

Often just the sight of a letter from a solicitor is all that’s required to prompt a reluctant debtor to get round to making an overdue payment. Murria Solicitors are on hand to assist you with every step of the debt recovery process. We can:

  • draft and send a letter of claim to your debtor
  • make telephone calls requesting the payment
  • issue small claims court proceedings for sums less than £10, 000
  • obtain a County Court Judgment against your debtor
  • enforce a County Court Judgment and obtain payment
  • Issuing statutory demands *Filing bankruptcy petitions
  • Filing winding up petitions
  • Choosing the best enforcement procedures available after obtaining judgement
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We understand that in many cases, you’d rather not resort to what might seem like heavy-handed tactics, but if you feel you’ve had enough and are not being taken seriously, then give us a call at Murria Solicitors for more information about how our debt collection service can be of assistance.

We offer fixed fee services for Debt Collection & Recovery

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