Wrongful Arrest & False Imprisonment

Murria Solicitors have considerable experience in the complex area of claims for compensation for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, assault, malicious prosecution and misfeasance, often brought against authorities such the police, the courts, the Home Office and so on, but also on occasion against private security companies. We also have experience of cases in which property has been wrongfully seized and either damaged or destroyed.

It is vital that such cases are handled by specialist lawyers, as a person may be entitled to a trial by jury, something which is extremely rare in civil proceedings and requires very careful consideration at a relatively early stage. We have experience of conducting trials with and without jury and can use our experience to decide which option to take.

You can contact our Wrongful Arrest and False Imprisonment team by calling on
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We may agree to act on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

We also have experience in conducting trials in the County Court, High Court and the Court of Appeal.

We also have experience in related judicial review work, particularly in challenging the issue of search warrants.

Many of our cases have been featured in the Law Reports

If you require help in this area, please contact our Wrongful Arrest and False Imprisonment team, headed by Mr Galwinder Singh Kang, who has over two decades of experience in this specialist area of law.

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    Recent Case Studies

    Arrested and held in custody in an error made by the police

    On 24/10/19 our client was arrested in Bradford Town Centre by Police Officers who said that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Our client was well known to the Police. He told the Officers that the matter had already dealt with but the Officers didn’t believe him.

    Electronic Monitoring Services wrongful arrests and false imprisonment compensation claims

    On 15 September 2019 our client was arrested in the early hours of the morning by Officers from Lancashire Constabulary for alleged breach of bail. He was on bail and one of his bail conditions was a curfew between the hours of 7.00pm and 7.00am. The curfew was electronically monitored by a company called Electronic Monitoring Services, which is part of Capita and whose is contracted by the Court Service to provide this electronic monitoring service... More

    Police & criminal justice data record violations

    The criminal justice sector including Police National Computer (PNC) and Courts have access to a wide range of sensitive information about us. However, the data is not being looked after as well as it should. Here is a case report of a recent matter of data breach we have dealt with.

    Deletion of records from Police systems

    The general rule in law is that if someone is arrested, whether or not they are charged with a criminal offence, details of their arrest, along with their photograph and any samples taken e.g. fingerprints and DNA, are stored on Police databases.

    Law Commission recommends search warrant modernisation

    At Murria, we have an exceptional track record when it comes to challenging search warrants and taking legal action for unlawful searches and seizure of property by the Police and other law enforcement agencies such as HMRC and UK Border Agency.

    Claim by Prison In-Mate

    On 25 June 2015, whilst our client was an inmate at HMP Oakwood, he slipped and injured his back. A claim was pursued against G4S, which runs the prison.

    Police brutality caught on CCTV

    Murria Solicitors were instructed by our client in a matter of an assault by the Police.
    Our client was assaulted and had his head aggressively banged against

    Wiping Clean a Record of Arrest

    On 19 January 2011 our client was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill a disgruntled employee. He was arrested and detained for a few hours. Our client thought nothing more of it until a couple of years later when during a routine Police stop, the Police Officer commented that our client had previously been arrested for threats to kill.

    Family home wrecked due to Police error

    Murria Solicitors were instructed to act on behalf of a family of 4, following an incident in which their family home was wrongfully raided and damaged.

    Our clients were rudely awakened in the early hours of the morning as Police officers executed a search warrant on their house, which was in fact the wrong address.

    Police wrongfully arrest and detain family

    The Mother had just dropped her daughter off at college and was driving back home, at which point she was intercepted by the Police and arrested on suspicion of armed robbery. Her anxious Sons were notified of the situation by witnesses and in their attempts to enquire as to the circumstances of the matter, they too were wrongfully arrested.

    Heavy handed police face the consequences

    Murria Solicitors were instructed to act for a client in a matter where the Police reacted to a false allegation in a heavy-handed and irrational manner which resulted in our client being forcibly arrested and detained.

    CCTV catches our lying Street Warden

    Murria Solicitors were instructed to act on behalf of a Client in a case of a false accusation of assault. Our client and his friend were out drinking in the early hours of the morning in Wakefield City Centre. Our client’s friend, who was slightly worse for wear than our client, was involved in an incident with Street Wardens.

    Arrested – Compensation for Mistaken Identity

    On 8 April 2013, our client was at his girlfriend’s property when Police Officers from West Midlands Police attended looking for a previous occupant of the property. His girlfriend had only recently moved in. Despite providing his details and bearing no resemblance to the ‘wanted’ person, our client was arrested and taken to Court.