Boundary Disputes

Boundary Disputes/other disputes with your neighbour such as nuisance, building disputes relating to extension of properties

Boundary disputes are fairly common arguments that usually arise between neighbouring landowners in relation to residential, commercial or agricultural land. Murria Solicitors are frequently asked to intervene on boundary disputes, commonly related to ownership issues surrounding boundary walls or fences in residential property.

We know from experience that property owners often become very emotional about what constitutes their boundaries and therefore we always work hard to figure out the best way any dispute should be resolved, giving extremely calm and careful consideration to the issue involved from the outset.

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The best approach for swift resolution of a boundary dispute very often depends on the monetary or sentimental value of the disputed land. In cases where that value is low, it is often advisable that both parties jointly instruct a surveyor to help facilitate a mutually agreeable settlement. Contact Murria in the first instance and we can make recommendations. In more complex or higher value cases, it is always advisable to seek legal advice. If a disputed boundary has been in situ for many years, it often becomes an adverse possession case.

When boundary disputes arise, it is advisable to obtain legal advice as quickly as possible, particularly when two neighbours are involved. Effective legal representation at an early stage is the best way to avoid a bitter, protracted and costly dispute.

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