Industry recognition for conveyancing - LEAP Accreditation - Murria Solicitors in Birmingham

Murria Solicitors Awarded LEAP Accreditation

We’re delighted to announce that the team here at Murria Solicitors have recently been awarded the coveted LEAP Best Practice accreditation for our outstanding conveyancing services.

This recognition allows us to highlight our strong team of friendly experts, our forward-thinking approach to the industry and our continual aim towards excellence in all that we do.

Our conveyancing team is undoubtedly one of the best in the industry, and we look forward to continually pushing the boundaries and achieving optimal results for our clients.

What is LEAP Best Practice Accreditation?

When a company receives the LEAP Best Practice Standard (BPS) accreditation, it is recognised as providing an outstanding level of service to its clients.

This includes effective and friendly communication at all times, a reduction in the risks involved, and an efficient and streamlined timeline that allows valued clients to get the results they need without confusion or stress.

By using cutting-edge technology with innovation, hard work and excellent customer service, these conveyancing teams also generate cost and time savings for their clients whilst also maintaining a transparent and honest approach to conveyancing.

Who is LEAP?

LEAP is an organisation which creates award-winning legal case management software that helps law firms to work more efficiently and profitably. Recognised with both an award for innovation and Supplier of the Year at the British Legal Technology Award, LEAP is a brand you can trust.

LEAP offers integrated and efficient, high-tech cloud-based solutions which allow lawyers to efficiently manage client cases whilst meeting the high security standards required by British law.

Whenever you’re looking for a reliable conveyancing solicitor that gets you results, look for the LEAP Best Practice Standard badge.

Why Murria Solicitors?

This accreditation has been awarded thanks to the dedication, hard work and creativity of our team of professionals. We couldn’t have done it without the incredible attention to detail and innovation of Donna Pardoe, our conveyancing secretary and a fantastic employee.

Here’s what one of our clients said about Donna:

“Donna is extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend and wouldn’t hesitate recommending this firm.” –Nicole Moore

By awarding us this accreditation, LEAP has also recognised our continual focus on improving efficiency, customer service, and utilising cutting-edge technology to allow communication with our clients to occur quickly and easily.

This includes modern technological solutions such as secure website client logins and contact via SMS if required which allow us to do more work for the same number of clients in less time.

As a result, we offer our clients highly personalised and tailored conveyancing service that is friendly, responsive and stress-free.

What does this accreditation mean for our clients?

LEAP accreditation demonstrates that we offer our clients the highest quality of service, innovative processes designed by our team of experts, complete transparency and the latest state-of-the-art technology to help you purchase, sell, transfer or subdivide a property without stress.

This means you can enjoy complete peace of mind when selling your home, knowing that you are in the hands of the best conveyancing team in the UK when you choose Murria Solicitors.

We are also accredited by the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme and we are members of all the major mortgage panels, for extra peace of mind.

“I’ve been represented by them for years, and I’m still with them, best in the business”- Paul Singh

 Whether you need help with your mortgage, re-mortgage, transfer of equity, deed of gift, Islamic finance transactions or similar, we can take care of your conveyancing needs in an efficient, timely and friendly way and without hidden fees or surprises.

Get in touch at any time to find out more about our award-winning conveyancing services.


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