UK point based system

Immigration: what is the new points system?

With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, and the transition period set to come to an end, a revised immigration system is due to come into force on the 1st January 2021.

This new system is a so-called, ‘points-based system’, that will replace the freedom of movement that previously existed for citizens of European Union countries.

This means it will be harder for European Union citizens to enter the UK to work from the beginning of next year, and it will instead offer a level-playing field to applicants whatever country they come from.

Alongside this, UK citizens will lose the mandatory right to live and work in European Union countries and will instead be subject to the individual immigration systems of each nation state that currently makes up the union.

The government’s aim in introducing the system is to give priority to higher skilled and qualified individuals, as well as those who can fill vacancies in shortage occupations, while bringing down overall immigration numbers.

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How will the points-based system work? 
The new points-based immigration will assign points to applicants based on their skills, profession, and qualifications. If an applicant can accrue enough points they will be allowed to live and work in the UK, and eventually apply for citizenship.

How will points be calculated? 
Potential migrants to the UK will need to secure 70 points before they can enter the UK to work and there are three criteria they will need to meet before any application can be considered.

  • Job offer – the key requirement for any application is a suitable job offer from a Home Office approved UK employer. This will accrue 20 points.
  • Skill level – the job offer will need to be at the required minimum skill level. This has been set at Level 3 of the Registered Qualification Level framework. This is an A-Level or equivalent. This will accrue 20 points.
  • Language – you will need to demonstrate your ability to speak and understand English. In practice this means having a qualification at B1, B2, C1 or C2 level, or a degree taught or researched at degree level. This will accrue 10 points. 

Having met all three of these criteria an applicant will still need to secure another 20 points to meet the 70-point threshold.

The most straightforward way to gain the extra 20 points is if your job pays a salary of at least £25,600. Extra points can also be gained if you have a higher qualification such as a PhD, which will give you 10 points, or 20 points if your doctorate is in a science, technology, or maths subject.

Shortage occupations
If you are coming to the UK to work in a shortage occupation this will also help you accrue points. You can find an up-to-date list of shortage occupations on the government website .

Up to date advice 
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