Hire charges claim against our client successfully defended

We are currently acting on behalf of a Client who is being pursued for vehicle hire charges in the County Court following a road traffic accident.

Our Client following the accident was offered a vehicle by a claims management company as they were satisfied that the cost of the hire would be recovered from the Defendant insurer. Our Client was told that he would have to pay nothing for the hire. CCTV later emerged which led the claims management company to believe that the client had been untruthful about the events and thus breached the contract for hire. They are pursuing our Client for in excess of £10,000 worth of hire.

We have seen the CCTV and believe that the version of events given by our Client were not dishonestly given as the accident happened from the rear of the Clients vehicle. The account was more than plausible and the most likely assumption.

We are defending our Client by saying that he has not breached the terms of the contract with the claims management company and owes no money. A trial is listed for August this year.

The claim is being funded by our Client’s household insurer.