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Murria Solicitors offer advice on the sometimes distressing events surrounding and leading up to Partnership and Shareholder Disputes. Disputes involving partners and shareholders are very often highly emotive and can easily have the potential to seriously damage or even destroy an entire business. The parties to such disputes are rarely on an equal footing and fail to look at the issues objectively. We can help you with proceedings for the dissolution of a company if necessary, and advise you of the many responsibilities and obligations that arise from the Partnership Act 1890.

Successfully resolving disputes is always a complex and delicate process. If either party fails to comply with the rules and regulations that exist around company management and conduct, disputes can easily escalate. The extensive experience of the Dispute Resolution team at Murria means we are alert to issues that can arise and ready to offer clear, concise and highly constructive advice.

We offer advice regarding shareholder disputes in the following areas:

  • fraud against the minority shareholder
  • S 994 Petitions under the Companies Act 2006
  • option available to buy or sell interest in the company or partnership
  • how to obtain accounts and inquiries from a dominant partner or majority shareholder

We have also recently challenged accepted principles of partnership and company law and explored whether or not a partnership is dissolved by the transfer of business – an area of law that is particularly pertinent to Asian businesses.

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