Notary Services

Notaries are public officers who have the power to authenticate or certify the legitimacy of documents. Amongst our team at Murria are a number of qualified solicitors who have also embarked upon further study and taken additional examinations to become notaries.

There is a wide variety of situations in which businesses might require a notary’s services, most commonly when there is a need for documents that have come from abroad, or will be used in a country outside the UK, to be officially checked and verified.

More specifically, these are some of the business situations in which a notary is required:

  • for Certificates of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association for UK or Foreign Companies
  • to grant Powers of Attorney and Letters of Authority
  • to notarise affidavits, sworn statements and statutory declarations
  • for legalisation and apostille services
  • for the assignment and registration of trade marks
  • for certifying the identity of company officials
  • when commercial finance documentation (mortgages, loans or accounts) require notarisation
  • for the certification of company Minutes and Resolutions
  • for the verification of any other commercial documentation

If you require help in any of these areas, please contact Murria Solicitors at your convenience.

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