Director Disqualification

A Director Disqualification order is a legal document that bars unscrupulous or unfit persons from continuing to be involved in the management of business ventures. The disqualification period lasts from between two and 15 years. The expert Director Disqualification lawyers in the regulatory team at Murria Solicitors have extensive experience advising company directors on all aspects of the disqualification proceedings.

Once a Disqualification Order has been handed down (usually in the Civil Court, although Criminal Courts also have the power to do so), any breach of the order is a criminal offence and could result in prosecution. As well as financial penalties, the offence of breaching a Disqualification Order comes with a possible two-year prison sentence.

A person served with a Disqualification Order is prohibited from acting as:

  • The Director of a company
  • a liquidator of a company
  • a manager or receiver of a company’s property

They are also disqualified from being involved, in any way at all, either directly or indirectly, in the formation, management or promotion of another company.

If, a director’s disqualification order cannot be avoided, we can negotiate to reduce the length of disqualification.

If you have been threatened with disqualification proceedings by the Secretary of State, the Insolvency Service, Companies House or another official body, get in touch and speak to one of our expert Director Disqualification Solicitor from our regulatory team today. Our specialist Director Disqualification lawyers have a very impressive track record in convincing such bodies that disqualification is not in fact the best course of action.

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