Defending Injunctions

The last thing that any charity or non-profit organisation wants is to find themselves embroiled in a legal battle and on the wrong end of an injunction. Murria Solicitors has a dedicated and highly experienced team of solicitors who are experts in charity law. In large part, this expertise lies in understanding precisely how charities function and having in-depth knowledge of the different types of legal cases that may be brought against them.

If your organisation has been served with an injunction, it is essential to act as quickly as possible to safeguard your interests. Any injunction brought against you can have a severe and long-lasting impact on your ability to continue functioning as a successful charity, whilst not addressing it quickly and efficiently can also result in severe and damaging repercussions. It is vital therefore, to get the right advice, and to be proactive in your response.

Over the years, we have gained an excellent reputation for acting rapidly and discreetly on behalf of various charities, managing in a great many cases to keep all details of any subsequent court activity completely out of the public eye. This can be hugely important where charities are concerned as the negative attention created by a high-profile court case can have a significant negative impact on the reputation of any charitable organisation. This, in turn, can cause enormous and lasting damage to the continued existence of the charity, as trustees are no longer able to carry out their duties and fulfil the objectives of the charity.

At Murria, we understand that every case is unique. Therefore, we always make sure to advise your particular charity on the best strategic response for your specific circumstances. In our experience, it is possible to resolve many legal challenges through negotiation and mediation, but in some cases, it’s also necessary to fight the battle in court.

Whatever your specific circumstances, acting quickly and responding in the correct manner is crucial, and having Murria Solicitors fighting in your corner can make a huge difference to your case.

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