Accident at Work claim successfully settled for a client on a temporary visa

Our Client was a person who was on a temporary visa with permission to work. Our Client was employed by a family who ran a number of takeouts as a delivery driver. Due to our Client’s manual skillset, his employer asked him to do painting and decorating at their numerous properties and agreed that they would pay him through the Companies PAYE as our Client was required to show his level of earnings so that he could earn indefinite leave to remain.

The employer asked our Client to clean some guttering and provided a ladder which our Client thought unsafe. The employer ensured him that the ladder was safe and had been used many times. The ladder collapsed and our client fractured the vertebrae in his back. A claim was brought against the homeowner of the property who was also the employer. The employer denied the ladder was faulty and accused the client’s friend who was also working for not footing the ladder as he took a call. The employer refused to give our Client his job back.

Court proceedings were issued against the home owner and the employer was accused of fraud by providing photos of a ladder which he said was the one our Client fell off. Video footage was used to show the images were false and shortly after a meeting took place between the Solicitors for each side and a significant settlement was agreed.