Shareholder agreements – the often unknown effects

The business world relies on a series of agreements between different entities and individuals working within the businesses. While oral agreements may be perfectly acceptable in some situations, they are more difficult to enforce in a court of law.
Egg Allergy accident claim


Caterer At Sikh Wedding Under Duty To Take Reasonable Care Not To Serve Dishes Containing Egg: The Court of Appeal dismissed the appellant caterer's appeal against a decision that he was liable for personal injuries sustained by the deceased, who was allergic to egg and died from anaphylactic shock having eaten a dish containing egg at a Sikh wedding.

New Senior Conveyancing Associate joins team at Murria Solicitors

As one of the most respected law practices in Birmingham, Murria Solicitors is now building upon its already established residential and commercial conveyancing service by appointing Michael Walton – an experienced Senior Conveyancing Solicitor from the national and renowned law firm Shakespeare Martineau.
UK Tier 2 visa cap lifted

Tier 2 cap lifted for non-EU doctors and nurses

The Home Office granted all Tier 2 visa applications for non-EEA skilled workers in August. The news comes after Home Secretary Sajid Javid decided to remove NHS doctors and nurses from the annual 20,700 limit. The cap had left thousands of skilled overseas workers unable to accept UK job offers.