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We have a vastly experienced team specialising in all areas of commercial litigation. We pride ourselves on our accessibility to both individual and corporate clients and provide an extremely competitive scale of charges tailored to our specific client requirements.

Murria Solicitors has a track record of success in high profile and high value litigation of a complex nature including successful reported outcomes in the Court of Appeal.

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How much will the litigation cost me?

The costs of litigation can vary enormously, but as a general rule the value of the claim will usually dictate the level of the costs. Since the introduction of the Civil Procedure Rules in 1999 the Court introduced a 3 tier system and cases are allocated to 3 tracks, small track, claims up to and not exceeding £5,000, fast track claims over £5,000 but not exceeding £15,000 and multi track all claims generally over £15,000. Generally claims in the multi track are likely to be more expensive and usually you will require the assistance of a barrister.

Is there Legal Aid, No Win No Fee or other types of funding available?

Legal aid is generally not available and we do not enter into No Win No Fee agreements for this kind of work. It is sensible in first instance to check home insurance policies or some of the well known credit cards who provide legal cover. You may also be able to arrange insurance yourself or if proceedings have been commenced against you “After the event insurance”. However, normally, we charge on hourly rate and request a payment on account.

Here can I apply for a visa?

Applications for visas for the UK can be made at any British mission overseas with a full service visa office. We can assist you in the preparation and submission of your visa application and in our experience this can greatly improve your prospects of success.

How long will the litigation process take?

Litigation can take anything from 2 months up to 2 years. It also depends on the kind of proceedings commenced or defended.

Proceedings are also subject to the Court’s management powers and as such ‘THEIR’ time scalewhich sadly, we have no control over. Litigation of any nature is very time consuming and subject to a number of variations and applications to the Court.

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